About Us

DX Resources was founded in 2006. It evolved from General Trading in consumer items to Precision, Retail & Industrial Weighing Products. Ever since, its main focus is on sales, service & customer support, other than that, weighing, precision, measuring instruments as well as calibration services are also included.
Our services can be classified into 16 major categories. These includes:

  • Precision Scales & Balance
  • R & D Analytical Balance
  • Industrial Bench
  • Platform & Floor Scales
  • Heavy-duty Crane Weigher
  • Retails & Supermarkets Scales
  • Jewellery & Gems Balance
  • Digital / Analog Load Cells
  • Electronic Truck Weigh - Bridges
  • Indicator Controllers
  • Gov. Metrology @ Sirim Verification & Calibration Jobs
  • Internal Verification & Calibration Jobs
  • External Displays, Spare Parts
  • Sales & Services of All Kinds of Scales
  • Customized Weighing Automation Systems
  • Computer Hardware & Weigh - Bridge Software

    DX Resources as an independent resources, we are able to supply dimensional precision instrument, scales & balances of other compatible brands as well. We are the spirit of enthusiast which venture and create innovative achievements as well as successful products.

    As always, we look forward to your continued feedback and support in the development of the most extensive range of weighing products and services offered by us.