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  • kb23

    Binder CO2 Incubator


    • Humidity range: up to 95% RH
    • Auto sterilization with hot air at 180 degree celsius
    • Double-pan humidfication system with condensation protection
    • CO2 gas-mixing jet with venture effect
    • Lockable handle
    • Hot air sterilisable COs sensor with infrared technology
    • Seamless, deep-drawn inner stainless steel chamber
    • Units are stackable with stacking adaptor
    • Internal data recording and USB interface
  • binder-ultraguard-uf-v-500-ultra-low-temperature-freezer-2

    Binder Ultra Low Temperature Freezer


    • RFID controlled access
    • Unique “Press n’ Open” door mechanism for easy opening and closing at the push of button
    • Electromechanical door latch
    • 4 compartment doors made of ABS plastic
    • Inner chamber made of stainless steel
    • Thermal insulation using vacuum insulating panels and PUR foam
    • Battery-backed alarm system
    • 3 stainless steel shelves
  • vacusafe_12_2

    Integra Vacusafe


    • Provides safe, user-friendly and versatile way to collect and subsequently dispose of liquid waste
    • With VACUBOY hand operator aspiration liquids from wide range of containers
    • Ideal solution for total containment of hazardous liquids and maximal personal protection
  • vacusip_1_2

    Integra Vacusip


    • Ideal benchtop solution for aspiration of small volumes of liquids
    • Compact, safe, ready-to-use
    • Light weight, fully mobile
    • Large choice of adaptor for optimal flexibility