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November 7, 2016
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November 7, 2016
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Up-Gren UPW-3000H Series

Weighing Performance:

  • Good dynamic weighing system, weighing result not subject to influence of swaying
  • Auto battery power display when shut on / off
  • High accuracy and high stability because of 1,000,000 internal resolution
  • Auto shut off (prevent of battery loss because of forget to shut off)
  • With remote controller, easy to operate
  • Add up, auto add up, tare, remote tare, display hold, resolution choice display, random weigh revising
  • Overload remind display, low battery warning
  • Chroming, smooth and rust proof

Technology Standards:

  • Accuracy: conformity with international III scale standard (GB/T11883-2002)
  • Battery type: fully sealed lead-acid battery, 6V/4Ah
  • Security overload: 150% FS
  • Broken overload: 300% FS
  • Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
  • Display: 5d 30mm (0.5″) high brightness LED
  • Battery of remote controller: 23A 12V x 1 battery
  • Safe distance from molten steel: 2 meter
  • Stability of reading: <5.0S
  • Remote control: 10 ~ 15m
  • Charger: DC12V / 1000mA
  • Humidity: <90% R.H.
  • Battery last: 60 hours
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